Three female musicians were either assaulted or harassed at their gigs

Three female musicians were either assaulted or harassed at their own gigs on the weekend

Three female musicians experienced harassment at their own performances over the Easter weekend.

Kira PuruAlex The Astronaut and WAAX frontwoman Marie DeVita each took to social media to describe the different incidents that left them feeling variously degraded, anxious and harassed.

Marie DeVita called out the man who groped her twice.

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“I couldn’t figure out who you were because you moved so quickly in a really large crowd of people. But I hope you’re glad to know that I fucking felt it and it was extremely degrading…

“I don’t know who you are but you know who you are and I want you to know that your disgusting behaviour is not welcome in our music scene or anywhere really. It is totally disrespectful and plain fucked up. Musicians work really hard to make music and perform it. We deserve some fucking respect.”

Kira Puru was performing in Townsville when a male in the crowd shouted at her.

Puru confessed to already feeling ‘fragile’ on account of her anxiety and explained how the incident shook her.

“When I stepped into the lights, everything was whirring n I felt pretty nervous that I might have a panic attack on stage. During the show, some loser from the crowd yelled out some shit about my “fat pussy” from in the pit. I was already having weird heart palps, my voice was shaky and my breathing short. Honestly, I don’t really give any fucks about idiotic men usually but when I’m at work and having a rough fkn day already, it’s frustrating to not even be able to get through a 30 minute set without some gronk harassing me and commenting on my body.”

Alex the Astronaut was prompted by Marie DeVita’s post to share her own uncomfortable encounter in Adelaide with a fan who got too close.

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Hi there, I had a great weekend. I played my first all ages show in adelaide and at the drop fest in Torquay. Both were great fun and I met some great people. I just need to say one thing because I saw @waax_band post and thought there was something I should share. 99% of the people I met in Adelaide were awesome, I got to meet some great young kids who were excited about space and it warmed my heart. One group wasn’t so fun for me. I walked off stage to the merch desk and four boys asked for photos (which is fine). One put his arm around me and whispered in my ear that he had a crush on me (two times) and asked if that was okay to say. When I said I’m gay so yes as long as he got that he said it again. I am small, he was very tall he kept his arm around me the whole time and I felt uncomfortable. His friend did the same thing and when I tried to leave got annoyed and when he asked to buy me a drink and when I said no thanks got cranky. Now I know they were probably having fun, they were probably drinking, and they were probably just being nice. But I walked away feeling yuck and worried they’d come back. I wasn’t sure if they were going to get more cranky with me. I go to shows to sing for the people, I work hard and I want to meet people but that makes me want to cry. I feel guilty and not sure what I’m allowed to say back. If you come to a gig be like the 99% of people to not only artists but any staff. There’s a way to treat other people and that wasn’t it. When someone’s talking to you because it’s part of their job to and you take it too far that’s not okay. Whether you’re a boy or girl (unfortunately this has happened to me with girls too but the vast majority are boys) and you ignore anyone’s body language or continue to hit on someone that seems uncomfortable that’s not okay. Having said that, I want to make sure to say I did have a fun show I hope all the people in Adelaide had fun and I loved meeting all the nice people. The venue was beautiful, @saintjacquesmusic and @lucyzola were amazing supports, the lion arts centre is an awesome venue with great staff and I’ll be back for sure. Rant over have a good day everyone

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What are the chances that this – three female artists each being either harassed or assaulted in a single weekend – is an aberration?

These women were degraded and disrespected by concert-goers who paid money to see them perform.  And they still couldn’t bring themselves to treat the artists with dignity.

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