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Janine Allis on how to be the boss

Janine Allis: Find your own solutions and quit playing the blame game

Getting ready to climb the corporate ladder? Then pay attention. There are things you should do, and things you absolutely shouldn’t.

Below, leading investor and entrepreneur Janine Allis shares a few tips on not only winning brownie points with your boss, but also how the become The Boss.

1. Learn how to be a problem solver

“I guarantee your boss loves problem solvers. Even if they don’t agree with a solution you may have, they’ll appreciate you took the time to combat an issue. Whether it’s crisis management or simply solving a mundane office duty, being proactive is essential.”

 2. Take ownership

“Don’t just revel in the good stuff, own up to the bad stuff too. We want to know the million-dollar idea you’ve been thinking of, present it to us with conviction. We also want to see you taking responsibility for your mistakes and acknowledging how you can improve on them in the future.”    

3. Be accountable

“Don’t just think about yourself and what’s within your job description. Having a curious mind enables you to add serious value to your role and to your team. Words like “leave it with me”, “I will sort it out and let you know the outcome”, “if I need assistance I will let you know” show accountability for your role and how capable you actually are.  When starting at Boost there was no one to turn to, it was me, I was accountable for the wins and the losses.  Wear both proudly, because if you are not making mistakes you are not trying hard enough. 

4. Communicate

“Articulation and communication are essential to impress your boss. Whether you’re pitching your latest business idea, discussing the latest movie you saw or describing how the photocopy room can be used more efficiently, communicate it succinctly.”

5. Be confident, but not entitled

“I love employees with confidence. I don’t love when an employee exudes entitlement and righteousness. Treat your colleagues of all levels with respect, it will be duly noted by your boss and speaks accolades of your own moral fiber. After all, who wouldn’t want a confident and respectful employee as part of their leadership team?”

6. Find solutions solo

“Its great that your latest co-worker is a copywriting genius, however be mindful that you’re not becoming lazy with your work. It’s your job to deliver work that reflects your ability and ultimately what you were hired to do. Take the initiative to solve business problems on your own. This by no means implies you to not be a team player, just to back yourself and your ability.”

7. Learn the value of responsibility and ambition

“Who is in charge of your career, your happiness and your aspirations? You. Be responsible for very single element of your life, control the things you’re able to control and don’t ponder on the things you’re unable to change. The biggest killer to creativity is dwelling in the past and fear of what lays ahead. Be responsible and in charge of the present and don’t be afraid of ambition.”

8. Don’t play the blame game

“My ultimate pet hate is dishonesty. In business, things go wrong, I understand that and so does your boss. Don’t point fingers and play the blame game.  I know I have so much more respect for an employee who owns up to couriering 20 boxes of stock to the wrong address than blaming it on the admin assistant.”  

Allis shared the above tips with Universal Sony Home Entertainment in the lead up to the DVD of The Boss, staring Melissa McCarthy and Kristen Bell. Watch the boss for yourself here.



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