Farewell to Angela Merkel after 16 years as Europe's most influential leader

Farewell to Angela Merkel after 16 years as Europe’s most influential leader


With the German election scheduled for Sunday, Angela Merkel is preparing to leave office after serving for 16 years as the German Chancellor.

Throughout her time in the role, Merkel has been considered the most influential European leader of the 21st century, and a steady defender of democratic values through a turbulent period of history.

In order to bid farewell to the German leader, who has been dubbed at different times the world’s most powerful woman, we’ve collated some memorable photographs of Merkel over her years in the top job.

Merkel leaning over a table towards Donald Trump, flanked by world leaders at G7 summit in 2018

France’s Emmanuel Macron and the former Japanese prime minister, Shinzo Abe, flank Merkel as she leans towards former US President Donald Trump.

Angela Merkel at the G7 summit.

Merkel, the only female leader at the G7 in 2019

Merkel pictured with other global leaders in 2019
Merkel with G7 leaders in 2019

Merkel holds a press conference with Donald Trump in 2017 after meeting for the first time

Merkel and Trump at the White House following their first in person meeting

Merkel doing her own shopping in a German supermarket

Always understated, Merkel was well-known for her low key approach to political leadership and was often seen doing her own grocery shopping

Merkel with former UK Prime Minister Theresa May in 2019

During May’s time as Prime Minister, the two leaders were often the only women at meetings with global leaders

Merkel and former US President Barack Obama at the G7 in 2015

Ahead of his final trip to Germany as US president, Obama described Merkel as “probably… my closest international partner these last eight years”

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