Angela Merkel shares telling photo from G7 Summit

Angela Merkel shares telling photo from G7 Summit

We don’t know what Angela Merkel is saying to US President Donald Trump, but we hope he’s listening.

The German Chancellor shared the above photo on her Instagram account, saying it captures a “spontaneous” meeting at the G7 Summit in Canada.

The summit is particularly intense this year, after Trump recently announced massive tariffs on imported steel and aluminium, affecting the countries participating.

And early on in the Summit, Canadian PM Justin Trudeau kicked of a session on gender equality without waiting for the “stragglers” to arrive — notably, Trump, who rocked up late. Trudeau went on to tweet photos of Trump’s empty chair at the meeting.

Trudeau said during the session that gender equality must “cut through’ everything discussed at the G7 summit.

Trump was also expected to depart the summit early, missing the discussion on climate change.

So who else is in the above pic apart from Trump?

Well Japan’s PM Shinzo Abe is there, with the arms folded, as is French president Emmanuel Macron, just next to Merkel.

US national security adviser John Bolton is also there, next to the seated Trump, while UK prime minister Theresa May is the second woman in the picture, although difficult to see.

But most importantly the above picture features Merkel — the most experienced leader among them — looking very much in charge.

And the photo is getting plenty of love across social media.

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