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Five ways to wear flats and look professional at work

Women are often advised to wear heels to complete an outfit but so many of us find them uncomfortable and impractical. We also know heels aren’t good for your feet or back.
So how do you look stylish at work without them? These five simple tricks will help:

  1. Wear trousers. It’s much easier to pull off a flat shoe with a pair of pants than with a skirt or dress. Brogues are currently in fashion and are an easy and stylish shoe option for pants. Ensure your pants are the correct length. They should be neither dragging on the ground long or sitting at your ankles. Your pants should end at the top of the heel of your shoe.
  2. Wear a column of colour. This means blend the colour of your shoes to your pants, tights or legs. They will be less noticeable, plus the column of colour elongates your legs and makes them look longer.
  3. Consider the vamp – that is the front of the shoe. A low vamp will elongate your legs (a ballet flat or pump is a low vamp shoe, but so are knee high boots). High vamp shoes (those with straps that come up your foot past your toes) visually shorten the appearance of your legs and are fine with trousers, but not with skirts or dresses.
  4. Keep skirts and dress hem lengths no longer than your knee with flat shoes. This will help to elongate your legs.
  5. Make sure your flat shoes aren’t chunky or clunky. A finer sole and slimmer almond or pointed toe refines the appearance of the shoes making them look dressier than a very wide square or round toe box.

If you love a flat and hate heels, keep these simple tips in mind when pairing them with your smarter business outfits.

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