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Grooming gifts for guys

Christmas is upon us and it’s time to think about the men in your life… or more specifically, their grooming routines.

While a gorgeous scented hand-cream might tick the box for your best friend and the latest fragrance might suit your sister perfectly, do you baulk at getting grooming gifts for the guys in your life? Don’t! They can benefit from a few ‘beauty’ buys of their own! Here are my top three choices that they’ll love and actually use.

If your guy is of the suit and tie variety, chances are he needs to look clean cut and shaven almost each day. And like we ladies know, shaving can cause ingrown hairs galore – sigh. To help him avoid these nasty little blockages, gift him a beautiful face scrub. Exfoliation will not only help to keep his whiskers from getting trapped, it’ll also keep his skin in good nick too. I love the Indio Facial Scrub — it’s gentle enough for everyday use, but still offers a great exfoliation. If you share abode with said guy, you’ll be able to steal it everyday too!

Does your guy love the beach life? Time to think about his skin for him and all the UV exposure it’s getting. Surely he has plenty of sunscreen at his disposal if he is a seasoned surf lover, so go the extra mile and grab him a nourishing anti-ager instead. The Protocell Cream by EmerginC is designed to repair and reverse environmental damage to the skin as well as provide serious anti-aging benefits. Stem cells from apples in Switzerland, Argan oil from Morocco and French cider apples from Brittany and Normandy lend their moisture and resistance to age directly to your skin – sounds fancy, but all he will need to know is that his face will love it, and you for gifting it!

While we don’t advocate a Shane Warne glam-over, sporty guys often need a little help in the grooming department thanks to rushed showers after training sessions and not too much TLC for their skin. If you are gifting the sporty guy in you life something, why not make it a bit of an ego boost and give a cheeky nod to his athleticism with the Akin PureMAN Visibly Fit 24 Hour Moisturiser. It deeply hydrates and softens even the toughest of skin, and improves that dull, dry and tight feeling of skin that’s been a little neglected.

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