'A little bit of magic': Why Turia Pitt encourages women to run

‘A little bit of magic’: Why Turia Pitt encourages women to run

Turia Pitt is an engineer, author, speaker and survivor with an incredible story of resilience and persistence.

She’s also long been interested in living a healthy and active life with huge and significant goals. She completed a full Ironman in Hawaii in 2016, just five years after suffering life-threatening burns in 2011 and having to rebuild every aspect of her life including learning to walk again.

Now, Turia is encouraging other women to get running, via a ten-week RUN with Turia program aimed at mothers to support them in getting started in running and/or running further and faster.

Having recently shared her story on our podcast, The Leadership Lessons, we asked Pitt to answer our health Q&A so we can learn more about how she manages her health and wellbeing in between two kids, running a business and her writing and speaking activities.

In the morning, I…

Make a coffee, immediately!  And then while the kids are playing, I’ll take 60 seconds while I’m drinking my coffee to think of three things I’m grateful for. It sounds trite (I know! It does!) but it shifts my perspective and sets me up for a good day. 

My exercise routine includes…

Running. Obviously it’s good from a fitness perspective, but honestly it’s the 20 or 30 minutes I get to be alone, feet pounding below me, fresh air on my face, no one talking to me (Mum life!) that makes it all worthwhile. I love, and I need, that small window of time to just be myself, and work on something just for myself. It’s so simple, but it’s a little bit magic.

My favourite workout it…

If I’m not running, I’m surfing. And if I’m doing neither, and there isn’t a global pandemic I’m at a ZUU class!

I find balance in…

Uhhhhh, when you find it, will you let me know?! 😂😂  I jest! Honestly, I try to keep it simple and just focus on doing ONE thing each day for myself. Whether that’s a quick run, or a surf or having a glass of wine with a mate – making that little bit of time for myself keeps my life in check. When I do take that time out, I come back happier, in a better mood, ready to show up for the endless Zoom meetings and birthday parties and bath times.

On health, I encourage women to…

Take a moment for yourself! And get comfortable with saying “no!” more often.  And of course, I encourage them to check out my RUN with Turia online running program!  The next round kicks off on October the 4th and we have 5km, 10km and 21km programs.  Over 10 weeks, we’ll give you everything you need to get you to your goal distance, and best of all, we all do it together as one cohort.

Friendships have been forged and I’m not shy to tell you that our Facebook community is the most positive place on the internet!  So much support, encouragement, vulnerability, and bad ass women kicking goals for themselves!  It’s the best!  

You can check out the Run with Turia program here.

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