Jacinda Ardern, BNPN childcare and women's health

Jacinda Ardern, BNPL childcare and women’s health

The Women's Agenda Podcast

Parenting advice from NZ Prime Minister Jacinda Ardern? It’s all about patience, as she shows demonstrated when her daughter Neve interrupted a live Zoom call she was doing with the nation.

It was a win for the week, alongside major news around cervical cancer that puts Australia on the map and the new movie, Love Hard, on Netflix.

Elsewhere, we take a look at the problem of ‘Buy Now Pay Later’ providers stepping into the childcare market and showing just how broken the system really is.

We share some quick tips on how to boost your confidence in investing.

And a minor win at COP26, with the US and China pledging to work together on climate change.

All this and more, on the latest ep of The Women’s Agenda Podcast, made possible thanks to the support of Superhero, the online investing platform that allows customers to invest in Australian shares, U.S. shares, and ETFs and also allows you to invest your super in themes, shares and ETFs without the need for a self managed super fund.

Check out some of the key stories discussed below.

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