New premier, get a pay rise, go on 138 dates

New premier, get a pay rise, go on 138 dates

The Women's Agenda Podcast

What happens when you go on 138 dates? What do you learn about business, and about dating?

Entrepreneur and author Rebekah Campbell joins the podcast to discuss how she did it and why. (interview starts around 18 minutes)

Meanwhile, NSW has a new premier and he’s already making his power known, what do we need to know about him?

Also, what do women want? More money! That was the key finding from our recent survey of 1400+ women on their ambitions for the next two years and what might get in the way.

Plus, thanks to our partner Superhero, the team shares a new fin hack: this time around how to ask for a pay rise.

Rebekah Campbell is a tech entrepreneur and the founder of Posse and the co-founder of Hey You. She recently published her first book ‘138 Dates’.

Rebekah recently shared an extract from her book with Women’s Agenda here: He said he’d invest $100K and then asked me to have sex with him

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