Podcast: All about women's entrepreneurship

Podcast: All about women’s entrepreneurship

The Women's Agenda Podcast

We’re celebrating Women’s Entrepreneurship on the Women’s Agenda Podcast this week!

How do you scratch the entrepreneurial itch, and why do barriers persist for women when it comes to building great businesses?

Shivani Gopal runs two businesses, Angela Priestley runs one. They share a little more on their own journeys, including taking very different approaches to funding and getting established over a number of years.

They also dive into why, in 2020, it’s still the case that such a tiny proportion of VC funding is going to women — despite women being proven to deliver a higher ROI to investors — and discuss the kinds of businesses we need more of right now, and why women are so well placed to lead them.

And Shivani starts with how she manages her time, given it’s split between very different things. And shares a great tip to help.

Ange finishes on some inspiring female entrepreneurs to watch.

Plus much more in this 30 minute ep.

Happy Women’s Entrepreneurship Day!

If you’re an aspiring entrepreneur, check out the new podcast we’re co producing with Jo Stanley, who is sharing her journey on getting started!

The Women’s Agenda Podcast is produced by Agenda Media, a 100% female owned & run media business. You can check out our second podcast, The Leadership Lessons, hosted by Kate Mills and interviewing key female leaders on how to lead for the critical decade ahead.

Key stories discussed in this episode:

Care is the next entrepreneurial frontier. We must support the women who lead it

Why I decided to return all capital to my investors

Having more female entrepreneurs could improve Australia’s economic future