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Podcast: A flexible working future? We’ll see

Will 2020 mark the real shift needed to make flexible working the norm?

Not necessarily. But things are changing.

This episode features a conversation with employment lawyer Fay Calderone, who is a partner at Hall & Wilcox in Sydney.

She’s worked flexibly for over a decade and has long been a passionate advocate for enabling more employees to work how they need — and ultimately then create more inclusive work environments for everyone.

Fay is a regular contributor to Women’s Agenda on the topic of flexible working.

You can read her latest article: Real men flex: It’s time for leaders & employers to make it happen, here.

As Fay writes: “It’s been said ‘real men don’t flex’. It’s a myth embedded in antiquated views of fatherhood and societal norms reinforcing gender normative stereotypes. It’s time for employers and leaders to step up to close the gender flex gap.”

You can listen below, or search for “The Women’s Agenda Podcast” on your favourite podcasts app to listen there.