Podcast: Creativity, burnout & the future of work

Podcast: Creativity, burnout & the future of work

The Women's Agenda Podcast

Naby Maryam shares what she knows.

At 15, Naby Mariyam was at university. At 23, she arrived in Australia with a new baby. By her late twenties her career in academia had peaked.

She’s now one of few women in Australia leading in the fin tech space and has navigated the still too male-dominated world of raising capital — as the founder of Coverhero.

And she has a lot to say on careers, entrepreneurship, burnout and the future of work in Australia.

Creativity has been core to her career, moving from one thing to the next. And, as she explains, it really is a key skill for anyone seeking to navigate careers and opportunities in the future of work.

There’s a lot to take in and learn from this conversation.

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