How to have integrity: Cathy McGowan joins the pod | Women's Agenda

How to have integrity: Cathy McGowan joins the pod

The Women's Agenda Podcast

‘The Coalition men couldn’t believe I could get so much done’.

Integrity is everything, especially in leadership. But it’s not always there.

That’s one thing Cathy McGowan set out to change when she, fairly unexpectedly, became a trailblazing independent, wining the safe Liberal seat of Indi back in 2013 and going on to serve two terms.

Cathy is all about humility, community and holding yourself to account. She shares a common sense approach to leadership that was game-changing for her time in Parliament, and would be game-changing for all of us if we could get more of it happenning.

She also discusses how the fear she felt arriving in Canberra, her family life (growing up as one of 13 siblings), the need for action on climate change and, of course, her thoughts on whether an integrity bill can ever get through parliament.

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This interview was recorded on the 30th October 2020.