Layne Beachley: Surfing's greatest talks fear & gender equality

Layne Beachley: Surfing’s greatest talks fear & gender equality

The Women's Agenda Podcast

Layne Beachley is the greatest surfer of all time, with seven world titles including six won consecutively.

But it’s been a fight to get to the top – leaving her with a mindset she needed to reset.

And it’s been a fight in the water, given the pay inequity, the sexism and the intimidation that women in surfing have faced.

In this podcast, Layne shares how she’s overcome fear and found a new approach to success. Lessons all of us can take on, even when not surfing 50 ft waves (as Layne has while big wave surfing!).

And she gives her thoughts on the progress occurring in surfing for gender equality, including the massive equal pay announcement back in 2018.

Layne has just launched the Awake Academy, an online learning platform heaping people to detach from fear and take control of their lives.

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