Magda Szubanski 'For Love' campaign in response to Israel Folau

Magda Szubanski launches ‘For Love’ campaign in response to Israel Folau’s fundraising

Magda Szubanski is leading a diverse group of people in a ‘For Love’ GoFundMe campaign, in response to Israel Folau’s attempt to raise millions of dollars to fund his ‘religious freedom’ legal fight.

Already the ‘For Love’ campaign had raised more than $180,000 at the time of publishing, with the goal of raising half a million dollars for the Children’s Cancer Foundation and support services for LGBTQIA+ youth.

Szubanski, who was inducted into the Women’s Agenda Hall of Fame in October last year for her work on marriage equality, created the campaign with eight other Australians, including SBS presenter and founder of The Feed Patrick Abboud, lawyer advocate Mariam Veiszadeh, and Father Rod Bower of the Gosford Anglican Church.

Ninety per cent of the money raised will go to the Children’s Cancer Foundation to fund research grants, patient care, and family support.

This decision was no doubt informed by a screenshot that circulated on social media late last week showing Folau’s campaign, in which he spoke about the ‘fight of his life’, next to those of families trying to raise money for cancer treatments for their sick children. At the time, Folau’s campaign had raised more money than any of them.

The remaining other 10% of funds raised will go to Twenty10, a Sydney based service that assists LGBTQIA+ youth with mental health, housing, and social support.

“We are a diverse group of people; a united team of Christians, Jews, Muslims, and Atheists – some gay and some straight,” the ForLove GoFundMe page states.

“Our Australian community is diverse, accepting, powerful, and generous. It’s that spirit for which we should be known, and it’s with those values that we should be donating our time and money.”

Szubanski wants the campaign to show Australia a group of interfaith people who were using their beliefs for good: “We’re not gonna argue or fight. We’re gonna show a better way,” she told The Project.

Folau’s initial fundraiser ended when GoFundMe shut it down, but the Australian Christian Lobby is now hosting the “appeal” on their website, and has donated $100,000 towards his legal fees themselves. The page is currently showing donations of $2,130,994.90.

You can donate to the ForLove campaign here.

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