We’re optimistic but ready to see Equal Pay get more attention: Poll

We’re optimistic but ready to see Equal Pay get more attention: Poll

2017 has been a huge year for women, but just a third of respondents to our end-of-year poll believe women are better off now, than we were at the end of 2016.

950 of you responded to the short survey promoted across our channels earlier this week, asking your thoughts on the year that was, how you’re feeling about the year ahead, and a little more about what 2017 was like for you personally.

When asked if women are better off now than at the end of 2016, 36% of you said yes, while 39% said no, and the remainder declared you’re ‘not sure’.

The more positive result is that 55% of you said ‘optimistic’ when asked to describe how you’re feeling about the year ahead for women, compared with 21% who said ‘pessimistic’ and 24% who said ‘neutral’.

Asked to provide long answers on the “one thing you most want to see change for women in 2018”, the words “domestic violence”, “sexual harassment”, “equal parenting”, “equal pay”, “opportunities”, “childcare” and “believed” came up over and over again, according to the text analysis.

Affordable housing also came up multiple times.

There were specific calls for the momentum of the #MeToo campaign to continue, suggesting this very much was the issue of the year, as well as calls to prevent the silencing of women over harassment and abuse claims.

“We need confidence and energy to maintain the momentum of this tidal change.” Survey respondent

There were also calls for better maternity and parental rights at work, more affordable childcare, and more women at senior levels in politics, as well as in the leadership positions of organisations.

Superannuation and concerns about the rising rate of female homelessness also came up as things that must change in the year ahead.

“I’d like to see Australian women continue to stand up and be part of the equality conversation”
Survey respondent

Equal pay a policy priority

Asked to tick the policy areas you want politicians to pay more attention to in 2018, Equal Pay came up as the favourite of the 12 areas offered, with 79% of respondents ticking this option.

Following Equal Pay was Domestic and Family Violence (75% ticked this), Climate Change and Renewable Energy (68%), Housing and Affordability (62%), Education (56%), healthcare (55%), childcare (54%) and Indigenous affairs (53%).

What kind of year was it for you? Find out how many of you got jobs, promotions, pay rises and other opportunities in the year that was 2017. 

We’ll share more from the poll shortly, including your favourite books, series and movies from the year, as well as the women you believe set the agenda in 2017. Thank you everyone for participating. 

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