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At Suncorp, we recognise that a diverse and inclusive workforce is not only good for our people but good for our business too.

Building a more diverse and inclusive workforce is one of Suncorp’s key business priorities. It enables us to provide the best service to our customers, deliver the best returns to our shareholders and helps our people perform at their absolute best.

Our commitment to diversity leads to greater diversity of thought within our organisation. This means providing a platform from which to see things in a different light, from a different perspective and in doing so, increases our ability to deepen customer relationships, innovate, remove barriers to success and effectively manage risk.

At Suncorp, diversity enjoys the highest level of executive support. Our Diversity Council is chaired by our Group CEO and meets on a quarterly basis to oversee the implementation of our three year diversity and inclusion strategy.

Over the past year, we have made great progress with our diversity and inclusion strategy and have delivered a number of successful initiatives to assist us in pursuit of greater workforce diversity. Some highlights include:

Launching our Accelerate – Women in Leadership program

We have delivered a number of leadership development programs targeted at our high potential female leaders to develop our senior leaders of the future.

Driving a culture of flexibility

We continue to encourage flexible ways of working at Suncorp and empower our leaders to think differently about where, when and how work is completed in order to meet the professional and personal goals of our workforce.

Delivering Unconscious Bias awareness training

Unconscious Bias refers to a person’s underlying beliefs which affect our every day decision making. We all possess our own set of unconscious biases. At Suncorp, we have delivered a program which helps our leadership teams identify and counteract these biases which in turn helps us to address issues which may hinder our ability to attract, retain and advance diverse talent.

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