Podcast: Acknowledge disappointments | How to work at home?

Podcast: Acknowledge the little disappointments, how do you actually work at home with kids and others around?


Listen to the latest Women’s Agenda podcast, talking about some of the key stories that have got readers talking this week.

Our team join from three different parts of the same city to talk the little disappointments of self isolation and physical distancing – and why it helps to acknowledge them, no matter how frivolous they feel at this current time.

Meanwhile, how do you actually work from home with kids, a flatmate, partner and others in the house?

We’ll also share more on the growing number of google searches regarding domestic violence help services, along with concerns about the rise of violence when so many people are confined to their homes.

Finally, is this ‘pause’ really a time for self development, education and working on various skills that will ultimately help you later? We debate the issue.

Join Shivani Gopal, Georgie Dent and Angela Priestley for this wide ranging discussion.

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Stories discussed this week:

Navigating the big & small disappointments delivered by COVID19

Coronavirus and ‘domestic terrorism’: how to stop family violence under lockdown

Perhaps we’ve stumbled on a cure for intensive parenting

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