How women who cheerlead other women are changing the face of business

How women who cheerlead other women are changing the face of business

Are you inspired by the brilliance and achievements of the women around you? Do you revel in their successes? Do you love encouraging them to even greater heights? If so, you may be a true cheerleader.

Cheerleading is a much-needed form of empowerment that makes a profound difference in the lives of our staff, kids, colleagues, friends and family, and of course – ourselves.

What stops women from cheerleading and supporting each other most are the judgements, fears, insecurities, and negative comparisons we direct mainly at ourselves. Holding onto critical perspectives limits and undermines what we can accomplish and contribute. Without confidence and a true sense of self-worth, we cannot truly cheer nor lead.

Embrace these 4 characteristics of cheerleaders and create transformative empowerment in business and life:

Cheerleaders lead by example

To truly inspire, you’ve got to walk the talk and believe in you. If you don’t see your brilliance, no one else will. And you’ll find it difficult to appreciate the brilliance in others, too.

Women often compete, undermine and reject others when they believe others are greater than they are, and decide it’s easier to bring others down rather than step up themselves.

True cheerleaders lead by example. They acknowledge their value, no matter who else sees it and no matter what others are doing. Their self-worth is not contingent on comparison to others.

In truth, no one can compete with you. We are all different with unique strengths, abilities and insights – we truly are each on our own playing field. No one can be you better than you can!

Once you acknowledge that competition and jealousy is based on the misconception that anyone can greater or lesser than you, you open a door for true empowerment to exist.

Cheerleaders increase innovation

As a cheerleader, your priority is creating greater possibilities for everyone. In my home country, India, it’s difficult for women to work once they’re married with children. Traditional businesses aren’t very flexible, nor are systems like day-care and parental leave commonly accessible. To truly empower each other, we work around it and create businesses beyond the status quo.

No matter where you work and live, empowerment is about looking beyond the standards and assumptions of “this is the way it is” and asking, “What is possible if we take off the limits and create what works for us?”

Cheerleaders recognize the value, worth and possibilities in other women, and do whatever it takes to bring that out into the world – even if it means being unconventional or upsetting a few apple carts!

Cheerleaders don’t judge

You cannot empower someone and judge them at the same time. A cheerleader’s greatest gift is non-judgment. Listen, talk and engage others with total allowance. Let go of expectations and ideals of what another should do, be or say. This creates an incredible space between you that eliminates the need to prove, fight, defend or confront, even in difficult situations.

We cannot control others choices, nor force them to see things from our perspective. Has that ever worked on you? Instead, be present, listen and encourage them to choose for themselves. This way, they get to gain awareness of what each choice creates in their life. This is true empowerment, by the way!

If you never conclude that you know best and ask, “What do you know about this? What will get created if you make this choice, or that choice?” you’ll empower others to trust and know that they can choose greater for themselves.

Cheerleaders receive everyone as a gift

When you truly embrace the unique value and brilliance in you and others, everyone in life becomes a source of contribution.

We often take on roles and definitions in life that put other people either above us or below us. We think we cannot contribute to mentors, leaders and bosses, or that people younger, less experienced or that we are responsible for cannot contribute to us. When we dissolve those mental barriers, contribution becomes a two-way street, and our ability to receive from, support and build each other up exponentializes in magical ways.

If we let go of all the stereotypes, roles, identities, definitions and hierarchies, what could we truly achieve together?

The true power of cheerleading is the inspiration we can be for others, simply by choosing our own greatness. Cheerlead you, and the women in your life, to truly have it all with ease!

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