Are these the 20 most sexist remarks of the year (so far)?

Are these the 20 most sexist remarks of the year (so far)?

It’s been a big 12 months in sexist comments, once again.

There have been plenty of comments from the usual suspects: Mark Latham, Tony Abbott, John Laws and Alan Jones.

But there has also been a number of newcomers on the block, including former Minister Matt Canavan, who can’t help but blame his mother for his woes, and Senator Malcolm Roberts, who suggested that wolf whistling isn’t necessary harassment, that it depends on the person being whistled at and “some girls think that it’s wonderful.”

Senator Derryn Hinch has also made a return, regarding his tweet about the tennis. “Went to Williams final Rod Laver Arena last night. Only 20 games: 6-4, 6-4. Few rallies. Sounds sexist. Tonight real tennis.”

Here’s a hint: If it sounds sexist, it probably is.

Tonight, hundreds of women will get together at NSW Parliament House to vote on, and (sort-of) celebrate, the winners of The 25th Annual Ernies Awards for sexist remarks.

As usual, a number of Silver Ernies recipients will be determined according to who receives the loudest boos tonight, as their remarks are read out.

The theme of this year’s event is ‘Wonder Women’, celebrating a number of small wins this year. While such wins don’t include a a female UN Secretary General or first woman US president, Ernies founder Dr Meredith Burgmann says they are happy to at least celebrate a woman being appointed to play Dr Who for the first time.

In also acknowledging a shift in the times, The Clinton trophy, which is annually awarded to a habitual offender, has been renamed ‘The Trump’.

Guess who is favourite for that award? Mark Latham, once again. Mainly for his comment that women firefighters are “hired on the basis of having a vagina”.

A massive 208 nominations were received for the Ernies, across categories including media, political, judicial, industrial, sport (nicely called ‘The Warney) and clerical/celebrity (we love that this is a merged category, and so aptly called The Fred).

Nominations were also received for The Elaine, for remarks that have been the least helpful to the sisterhood.

And, because the organisers want to make sure we all know they are not “totally man-hating feminazis” a ‘Good Ernie’ recipient will also be named tonight, for “boys behaving better”. Top contenders include Jobe Watson, Tim Cahill, and Lt Gen Angus Campbell.

While Dr Burgmann has some confident predictions for who’ll take out the gongs, she also notes that “anything can happen on the night.”

Below, thanks to Dr Burgmann and the organisers of The Ernies, we’ve listed some of the “hot tips” for 2017’s top sexist comments. 

John Laws: ”I just love women…and I love them to look feminine…and to me a skirt on a beautiful body is a very, very feminine thing”

John Ibrahim for writing in his biography about business partner Margaret Staltaro: “Margaret is like a wife, without the sex or the cooking, or cleaning. Just the arguing and nagging”

The anonymous journalist who asked NSW Premier Gladys Berijiklian 15 minutes into her first press conference if not being married and having no children would be a disadvantage in the job.

Senator Malcolm Roberts: “When…is a wolf whistle harassment? It depends upon the person. Some girls think that that’s wonderful…”

Keysar Trad: “Using violence against women is a last resort for men who have already tried to appease their wives by buying them flowers or chocolates”.

Victorian Judge Christopher Ryan for calling a 14 year old sexual assault victim “nubile”

Labor Senator Alex Gallacher, who asked about Julie Bishop’s budget night party: “Given that the Minister is probably the only female in the list of Australian Foreign Ministers, were there decorations including flowers?”

Tony Abbott on new Federal Sex Discrimination Commissioner Kate Jenkins: “She ought to pull her head in…Obviously we have to give women a fair go but some of this stuff sounds like it’s just anti-men.”

Mark Latham: “Wendy Harmer was given a job at the ‘sheltered’ ABC because she was a woman with a disability”

The Adelaide Red Square Nightclub’s promotion: “If you see a good arse in the club just grab it”

Mark Latham: “I would hate to be a white-skinned lad growing up in humble circumstances in Australia today. He can study and work as hard as he likes but he’s not going to get a fair go.”

WA One Nation Candidate David Archibald,  who said single mothers were: “Too lazy to attract and hold a mate”

Peter Dutton, who told the bosses of major Australian firms who had written to the Prime Minister about marriage equality to: “Stick to their knitting”

Mark Latham: “If you are overcome by smoke inhalation in a burning building and need to be carried out, you want a strong man for the job—not someone hired on the basis of having a vagina.”

Andrew Bolt: “The ‘glass ceiling’ doesn’t exist. It is purely a mindset and, ultimately it is the feeble mindset that sealed Clinton’s fate. Instead people voted strength to win”

Tim Blair: “Clementine Ford’s main problem is that she actually does fight like a girl. It’s all scratching, clawing, screaming and crying without ever landing a direct hit.”

And the top tips for who’ll take out The Elaine? 

Bronwyn Bishop’s response to the Human Rights Commission report into sexual harassment at universities: “A good old wolf whistle. Gosh, I remember the days when that was a compliment. Where have they gone?”

Margaret Court: “Tennis is full of Lesbians”

Pauline Hanson for her objection to paid parental leave: “They (women) get themselves pregnant and (the government will) have the same problems they did with the baby bonus, with people just doing it for the money.”

Miranda Devine: “The war on boys is now prosecuted by their own mothers. It is a sick and sinister perversion of feminism”

And the favourites for the Good Ernie

Essendon footy star Jobe Watson for wearing his cap emblazoned with the word FEMINIST to a major press conference

Socceroos star Tim Cahill “I appreciate what women do as mothers. There are a few reality checks when Mummy goes out”

Fairfax journo Mark Kenny: “It’s time for women to break the male stranglehold on top financial positions”

The Australian Cricketers’ Association for winning huge pay increases for women cricketers.

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