Don't get bulldozed! It's somewhat political -

Don’t get bulldozed! It’s somewhat political

The Women's Agenda Podcast

We’re interrupting our break from The Women’s Agenda Podcast to share this special discussion on the biggest stories from the week, as well as a few comments about the upcoming election (which we may come to regret Sunday morning).

But of course, it’s not ALL political, because there are plenty of other great stories to discuss this week. Including wins for women, an historical move on domestic violence leave at work, and a few trends regarding where we’re going next.

On politics, we discuss The Real Scott, the ‘Gotcha’ questions, the case of the missing minister for women and much more.

Season 4 of The Women’s Agenda Podcast will resume shortly, with a few changes and more guests!

Stories discussed in this episode:

Female Candidate Guide 2022

10 days DV leave now accessible for millions of Australians after landmark decision reached

‘Where are you going to not be a bulldozer?’: Tracy Grimshaw pins Morrison on whether he will change

‘Gotcha’ questions are ugly journalism but hazards for leaders

Minister for Women, where are you? Payne rejects debate on women ahead of the election

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