Tony Abbott continues to defend Australia from the danger of progress

Tony Abbott continues to defend Australia from the danger of progress

You’ve got to hand it to Tony Abbott. The former Prime Minister is taking his position as the government’s unofficial chief disrupter very seriously.

Just last night in the company of Alan Jones and Peta Credlin, at Sky News, he threatened to cross the floor if the Prime Minister so much as contemplates an energy policy that won’t secure Australia a position at the bottom of the world ladder.

While there he also found time to praise the brave members of society who aren’t afraid of taking the fight to the activists with the end of civilisation in their sights – proponents of same sex marriage.

And, then he still had time to spruik the merits of western civilisation to Newtown’s Young Liberals, which sounds awfully like an oxymoron but is apparently not. Abbott tracked a tribe of them down and shared photographic proof after his ‘invigorating’ discussion with them.

It’s hard to imagine a sight that would buoy Tony Abbott on more than a sea of young, white liberal men, particularly in these troubling times when the danger of progress lurks.

It must have been deeply discombobulating for Abbott to comprehend the Victorian Country Women’s Association, once a bastion of the 1950s values he so longs for, publicly endorse the disintegration of society’s fabric, by supporting marriage equality,

Is it any wonder he sought solace in the adoration of a group that, at least visually, is as set on maintaining the party’s status quo as Abbott is as doggedly defending the nation from the merest whiff of change? Just the reinvigoration he needed.

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