A simple chart answers the dilemma of whether women should work

Finally! A chart confirms why mums should never work outside the home

Consider this chart an early Christmas gift. Something to put a little fizz in your bubbles, some tinsel to your tree, a ribbon around your gift.

In response to the question of whether women should work, someone at The Transformed Wife Facebook page posted a detailed chart plotting the various alternatives to working or not working and funny doesn’t cover it.

Girlfriend has brought all the LOLs.

The punchline is the inevitable conclusion that women who work ‘away from the home’ feel like their lives are falling apart and feel like terrible wives and mothers. Their lives, sustained only by microwaved meals, are joyless and sexless.

By way of contrast, women who ‘stay home all day long’ are fulfilled and their husbands and children feel blessed. They are well-rested (apparently their children always nap), having all the sex, eating all the best food, while basking in the joy of their family ‘rising up’ to them each day.

I can’t wait to tell all the full-time, stay at home all-day long mums I know! (When they’re not teaching the kids about Jesus or preparing home made meals from scratch that is).

It’s not clear what scientific method was used to create this genius chart, but who needs evidence or actual proof when making wild assertions about other people’s choices?

A more scientific chart might have at least considered the pesky reason many women work. You know, like needing an actual income.

It might have delved into how all of these sadly #unblessedchildren with mothers who work would be able to eat or wear clothes or have a home if their mother didn’t work. Or would the bliss of having their mum home all day long surpass the need for such necessities?

A more scrupulously researched diagram might have explored the number of available ‘husbands’ (obviously the only type of partner who counts in the realm of female fulfilment) who are willing and able to provide financial security, respect and independence to all of these potentially-fulfilled stay at home mums.

In order to paint a slightly more realistic picture they might have conducted a few interviews with actual stay at home mums who have found themselves in charge of children who don’t always nap, who still resort to easy food because making lasagne from scratch is a task too much in addition to keeping their children alive, who fail to read to their kids, who occasionally find sex a a bridge too far at the end of a day when their bodies have been clawed at from 7am to 7pm.

But why indulge in such practicalities? It’s far easier to cling to a fantasy world in which women are blissfully provided for, and presumably financially protected, well into retirement (and never actually single). A world where women’s ambitions and fulfilment never extends beyond caring for their perfectly behaved children whose needs are always being met. A world where husbands are happy, well-fed, and marriages remain intact.

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