How to reset your career post COVID

How to reset your career post COVID


2020 has been a year like no other. It’s seen us radically change how we work and live. It’s brought hardship and challenges to many, a form of juggling we didn’t think possible. In some cases it’s brought opportunity. Everyone’s experience has been different.

But for many of us, it’s particularly seen us rethink what we want and expect from our careers.

Last month we surveyed more than 700 women, thanks to the support of Monarch Institute, about how this year has shifted their career ambitions, their expectations and what they’re looking to do next.

While we’ll be releasing the full results next week, what we can tell you is that women are rethinking careers. And the opportunity is now for employers and policy makers to take advantage of this shift and better access the talent that’s available.

Indeed, we found that four in five women said they are “rethinking what’s important to them in their career.”

While a little over a third said they believe 2020 will be a “lost year” when it comes to their career, a third again said they believe they have “more opportunities available to them, due to major shifts in working from home.”

We also saw respondents identify the leaders they believe have been most effective during this period, and the traits they believe have helped — with compassion, communication and authenticity identified as being highly valued and visible. Jacinda Ardern, Daniel Andrews, Angela Merkel, Gladys Berejiklian and Kamala Harris were commonly cited as the leaders who have been most effective during this turbulent period.

How do you reset your career post COVID? How has the Pandemic’s impact on women’s careers changed how we’ll work in the future?

We’ll be discussing this issue with our excellent panel this coming Monday, with Sarah Liu from The Dream Collective, Div Pillay, the CEO and Co-Founder of Mind Tribes, Prue Gilbert, CEO of Grace Papers, and Monarch Institute’s HR Expert Terrena Hooper.

They will share some ideas on what’s next — where to from here and how to set yourself up for the opportunities that will emerge from this pandemic period.

This is a session for anyone thinking about how to get the most out of their careers in the next stage of this transition, but also for leaders, managers and employers to better understand how women are rethinking their ambitions and work.

We’ll also take this time to share more on how to harness the leadership traits that have been identified as most effective during this period.

Join us for this free and comprehensive session. You’ll receive a full copy of the report and leave with an excellent understanding on what’s next for women, work and opportunity in 2021.

Register here.

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