Introducing our new Editor in Chief: Tarla Lambert

Introducing our new Editor in Chief: Tarla Lambert

Tarla Lambert

Does she need an introduction? Not if you’ve been following Women’s Agenda for some time! But I want to do one anyway.  

We are so excited to announce that Women’s Agenda has a new Editor in Chief, Tarla Lambert. 

After meeting at a strategy session at our former employer, Tarla and I got talking and basically haven’t stopped. When I acquired Women’s Agenda in 2016, it didn’t take long for Tarla to join me with a mission to build our brainchild and WA’s parent company, Agenda Media.

Since then, we’ve worked on thousands of Women’s Agenda newsletters and numerous events and digital launches—including growing the Women’s Agenda Leadership Awards year on year with some amazing partners who share our passion for celebrating female advancement. 

We’re incredibly proud of where Agenda Media now sits in the Australian media landscape, but we’re ready to shake things up as we enter the next phase of growing our independent, 100 per cent female owned and run business. 

Tarla, (a new mum to pandemic baby, Teddy) is taking over the editorial on Women’s Agenda, supported by our dynamic and talented core team including journalists Madeline Hislop, Jessie Tu, Karina Zheng in business development, and Georgie Dent as our contributing editor. Tarla will continue working with our growing list of talented, regular contributors including Jane Lindhe, Dr Neela Janakiramanan, Kristine Ziwica, Shivani Gopal, Danni Miller and more.

As for me? After eight years (and three babies!) I’m stepping back from editorial to take on a new role as Creative Director and Head of Strategy; leading on developing our podcasts, our new products and working with partners to execute fun and meaningful content campaigns. 

Our goal at Agenda Media is to champion the lives and careers of women through our main news site, Women’s Agenda. We’re also expanding our series of industry-specific newsletters for women across different sectors, including STEM, health, sport, agriculture and business. We also recently launched our fast-growing new section for working parents newsletter called ‘Jugglehood’. We have other big plans in the pipeline!

Likewise, we’re creating more podcasts – including ‘The Women’s Agenda Podcast’ and newly launched ‘The Leadership Lessons’, hosted by Kate Mills and supported by Salesforce. And we’re moving into the next stage of our member platform, Women’s Agenda Extra.

We’re looking to work with more like-minded partners on developing new angles and ideas—so please reach out if you’re keen to hear more!

As always, members help us do what we do. And partners and advertisers make a significant difference to our work. A huge thank you to everyone who’s helped us get to where we are today.

Finally, if you’re interested in the role of babies in the past eight years of running Women’s Agenda (we’ve had a few between us), Georgie Dent has just penned this, including how so much support on how we started and continue to work flexibly came from our founding publisher, Marina Go.

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