How do we keep publishing Women's Agenda? Now you can help, while also supporting your own career

How do we keep publishing Women’s Agenda? Now you can help, while also supporting your own career

Women's Agenda Extra members support female-led journalism. And in return, we're sharing a range of great career resources with members.

We’re taking a moment to share a little more about how we operate, before asking you to consider becoming a member of our brand new platform, Women’s Agenda Extra.

It’s designed to do a number of things. First, to keep our daily news and feature content free and available to all. Second, to share a really great range of exclusive career resources (keynote videos, eBooks & more). And third, to support our much-needed purpose to get more women heard on the big stories that matter. 

We’re really excited about it and would love to see you in there.

But more on that in a moment.

We want to first share a few things that you may not know about Women’s Agenda.

We’re owned by Angela Priestley and Tarla Lambert and running an operation that is probably smaller than you think. There’s a handful of us, working remotely across the country with a wider range of excellent contributors. We’re super lucky to have talented people on our flexible staff including Georgie Dent, Jessie Tu, Madeline Hislop and Karina Zheng. Along with some of our key contributors including Kristine Ziwica, Jane Lindhe and Dr Neela Janakiramanan.

Our publication is independent – we have no outside investment, nor do we have a large parent media company. We’re 100% female-owned and run, and proud to be that way. We have published more than 15,000 stories and sent more than 2000 newsletters. We also publish weekly dedicated newsletters for women in agricultureSTEMhealthbusinesssport and parenting, with more coming soon. 

We are passionate about independent media, especially at a time when our media landscape is more consolidated than ever before. Having independent voices is absolutely essential for ensuring important issues are heard – and having a female voice that intentionally advocates for women is vital. We believe we do it well. But we also know we can do it better.

We often get the question: how do you make money as a free publication? The answer is through advertising, event sponsorships, and content partnerships with excellent organisations that help us run free webinars, conduct research, host roundtables, events, our national awards program (more to come on the 2020 program soon!) and more. We are so very, very grateful for these partnerships.

We’re experiencing record traffic right now. We have a great reputation in the market. A number of you tell us you read Women’s Agenda every day. So, thank you!

But like any small business right now, trying to see the other side of COVID-19 is tough.

Still, we are more determined than ever to not only keep publishing but to also publish stronger journalism. The need for women’s voices and women’s leadership to be elevated has never been more important. Women’s representation matters: for the pandemic, for the climate crisis, for workplace gender equality, for good, sustainable business and so much more. We help make it happen.

Introducing Women’s Agenda Extra!

We’ve had our membership platform in the works for some time now, thanks to a Google News Initiative innovation challenge we recently won.

And we’re finally here to unveil the first stage, which we’d love you to consider coming along and being a part of. It will support Women’s Agenda’s core work, and we’re very happy to say… will support your career!

Our Extra members get just that… a little extra.

That includes a number of awesome career-related resources including our series of online ‘Mini Keynotes’ featuring Marina Go, Kerry Chikarovski, Suzy Nicoletti, Yemi Penn and more. It also includes our growing library of management eBooks written with women in mind (unlike most other business books), our regular ‘reader chats’ with editors and event footage from our partners.

So if you love/enjoy/tolerate Women’s Agenda, and think it’s an important part of the media landscape (and have the cash to spare), please consider becoming a Women’s Agenda Extra member. Right now, it’s just $9 a month (less for yearly memberships).

And/or if you’re looking for an excellent range of videos, eBooks and other exclusive content that will benefit your career, we’ve got you covered.  

If money’s tight but you want to access the content or simply show your support, then please send an email here and we’ll send back the code to access the content for free, no questions asked.

And finally, if you’re an employer or somebody managing a number of staff, we’d love to have you involved as a foundation member. This includes a bulk subscription for your team, plus an internal presentation from us on the significance of women’s leadership right now. These subscriptions make a HUGE difference to Women’s Agenda and provide a great opportunity for your employees to interact and engage with inspiring online content. Please get in touch!

We are committed to keeping Women’s Agenda daily content free and accessible to everyone. Our members will help take that content to the next level — to bring a wider range of female perspectives to key news events. 

Key places to go from here

  • To access our exclusive resources and support the publication by becoming a member. Go here
  • To enquire about employer foundation memberships Email here.
  • To get the code to access Extra for free for three months (no questions asked!) Email here.
  • Otherwise, back to whatever you were doing.

Thanks for reading,

Angela & Tarla

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