Link found between women's mental health and communication breakdown

Link found between women’s mental health and communication breakdown


A two-part survey of 1,000 Americans has found startling results about the communication styles between men and women and its direct correlation to mental health. 

New York City-based marketing firm EvolveMKD partnered with research firm Ipsos, to complete the study which showed that despite the vast range of communication available to women before and during the COVID-19 pandemic, they have been reporting greater declines than men in their mental health over the past decade.

The pandemic changed the way people communicated, shifting from in-person to online. 

Despite 93 percent of women saying they preferred in-person communication to other modes, the survey found a link between in-person communication and women’s mental health — in fact, 4 in 10 women said in-person communication was directly linked to their mental health.

Megan Driscoll, CEO and Founder of EvolveMKD, said people’s styles of communication have continued to evolve and for women in particular, “…it’s no surprise that the way we interact with others and our mental health are closely entwined.”  

“We undertook this research to get a better understanding of why women seem to be suffering more with mental health issues, even though they have a reputation of being better communicators,” Driscoll said.

Dr. La Keita Carter, CEO & Owner of Institute for HEALing, agrees that the study brings in valid information for women. 

“Now more than ever women need to prioritise their mental health, make conscious decisions about what brings them joy and practice it with intention every day,” she said.

”I applaud EvolveMKD for understanding that how we engage with our friends, family, colleagues, and brands is different for each of us and impacts our wellbeing greatly.”

EvolveMKD aims to make a positive impact on the mental health of consumers, and came up with ‘The Five Communication Languages of Women,’ which Dr. La Keita Carter helped produce. 

The communication preferences aim to help women learn more about their communication needs

The Meet & Greeter
Wants face-to-face time. Feels really connected when they share physical space with loved ones.

The Over Sharer
Will tell you everything you need to know about them, without you asking. Feels connected to others by being vulnerable.

The Initiator
Loves to talk, even if it’s about superficial topics like the weather. Feeds off of others’ verbal energy.

The Observer
More of a “listener” and tends not to initiate or dominate the conversation. Instead, they search for deeper connections with people (even strangers) before they initiate conversation.

The Protector
Can find communication exhausting and draining and this may be because their job requires them to communicate.

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