On its 10 year anniversary, Bridesmaids is still a Hollywood game changer

On its 10 year anniversary, Bridesmaids is still a Hollywood game changer


It’s hard to believe, but cast your mind back ten years this week. Where were you when you first watched Paul Feig’s hilarious rom-com starring Kristen Wiig, Maya Rudolph, Rose Byrne and Melissa McCarthy?

Marking ten years to the week since the release of ‘Bridesmaids’, stars from the film have taken to social media to reminisce. To celebrate the occasion, McCarthy shared a series of throwback photos from the set of the iconic film.

“Who knew the recipe for joy would involve vomit, a carpal tunnel glove and a kangol hat. Happy 10 year anniversary Bridesmaids!!!” she wrote. “I’d marry you all over again.”

The film was McCarthy’s breakout role and in 2012 she was nominated for Best Supporting Actress at the Oscars. The film was also nominated for Best Original Screenplay.

The film’s director Paul Feig, posted a charming message on his Instagram account: “Exactly 10 years ago, these two amazing people let me direct their brilliant script and it came out in theaters. I will forever be indebted to them, @juddapatow and our amazing cast for one of the most wonderful experiences of my life. I love you all.”

Annie Mumolo, who plays a small part in the film, took to her account to celebrate the anniversary.

“When we started shooting, I was seven months pregnant and the little guy was cookin in there the whole time. We called him my Bridesmaids baby. I also had a three year old at the time. They say women can do it all. It’s true in a sense, but for me, “doing it all” hasn’t ever come without a price. This was not an easy process to go through while pregnant.”

“And as my kids grow, the battle persists within me- When I’m working, I wish I was with my kids and when I’m with my kids, I feel an unrelenting pressure work to support my family in a business that never sleeps. It’s a constant pull in both directions and always feel like I’m failing at both. And then you see a photo like this and see how hard work CAN pay off, and I look at my kids and see how being there with them as much as I can HAS paid off.”

In line with the ten year flashback, Melissa McCarthy posted an image of a letter she wrote to herself years ago, giving herself some important advice.

“Found this note I wrote to myself years ago… still stands,” she described in the letter. “In 10 years you will NOT remember his name.” 

“For the love of God – buy both pairs of shoes,” she said in another piece of advice, also adding, “A walk of shame can be character building.”

“Call Mom,” she added, “Just eat the damn cookie!!”

So why was Bridesmaids such a smash hit when it came out? And why does it still have a cult-following among like, everyone I know today? Here are five reasons:

1. It’s a film that centres female friendship
We all grew up with films that didn’t pass the Bechtel Test, didn’t we? We sat through films where the primary goal of the female characters was to get the guy. Well, this film hardly focuses on the men at all. The narrative device used to set the film into motion is a wedding, sure; but we barely hear from the men in this film. It’s all about women — the friendships they cultivate, their relationships with other people, and the unapologetic honesty they give to each other.

2. That scene
There are so many epic, laugh-out-loud scenes in this film. But when I’m talking about ‘that scene’ I’m talking about ‘that scene’. The crew of bridesmaids are at Belle on Blauc trying on bridesmaids dresses. They’ve just had a smashing meal of charcoaled meat and then suddenly, their bodies aren’t feeling so well. You know what happens, because you’ve seen it. Melissa McCarthy taking a dump in the sink? That deserves an Oscar. 

3. That other scene
It’s the best friend’s engagement party and Annie (the heroine of the film) has just met her enemy, Helen (played by the unfathomably gorgeous Rose Byrne). Toasts are being made and Annie and Helen are battling it out for laughs and tears. Then, they do the best impromptu rendition of Dionne Warwick’s That’s What Friends Are For. Honestly, that is probably the best scene in cinematic history. 

4. Kristen Wigg getting tipsy and breaching the First Class
This scene still makes me twitc with anxiety. Annie doesn’t like flying, but Helen’s decided Vegas is the place to celebrate the bride’s hens. So off they go. Annie, our ever-modest heroine, can’t accept the tickets for First Class from Helen. So she resigns herself next to a hypochondriac in economy and downs a drink given to her by Helen. Her infiltration of First Class is comedic magic.

5. Jonn Hamm
Oh yes, we all know him as Don Draper from Mad Men, but the effervescently charming Jon Hamm plays one of the best douchebags in comedic history. He’s not good enough for Annie, but he makes the film that much more hilarious. 

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