Tell us about your ambitions and what (if anything) could get in the away

Tell us about your ambitions and what (if anything) could get in the way

We’re asking women to take our ambitions survey. Can you spare five minutes to share your ambitions for the next two years?

Two years ago we asked women across Australia to share their ambitions for the next 24 months and what, if anything, could get in the way.

We received thousands of responses, with women looking to take on some serious challenges and throw everything possible at making their goals reality.

But we also learnt about some unique challenges prohibiting women from achieving this success, and found some concerning trends in the data. We packaged the results in this report, have frequently shared some of the headline results in our stories and with the media, and took the information to corporates and employers all over Australia in the hope they would do more to support those in their organisations get ahead more easily.

So in 2019, we are doing it again.

We’ve partnered with AGSM, at the business school of the University of NSW for this research and look forward to launching the results with them in early 2019.

And we look forward to examining these responses and sharing them once again with employers and also policy makers, urging them to better support the ambitions of women.

So please, can you spare us five or so minutes to anonymously share your ambitions and other opinions via our anonymous online survey? To say THANK YOU, you can enter our prize drawer to win a $250 Westfield voucher at the end.

Take the survey here.

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