'The bloke's had too many chances': Advertisers pulling money from Alan Jones get attention

‘The bloke’s had too many chances’: Advertisers pulling money from Alan Jones get attention

See updated list of advertisers that have pulled their spend from the Alan Jones show below, including on Tuesday afternoon Chemist Warehouse. They follow the first, ME Bank, thanks to early and persistent work from Mad Fucking Witches, along with Sleeping Giants. 

I didn’t know much about Koala Mattresses until their tweet ordering Alan Jones’ radio station 2GB to “wake up” went viral yesterday.

The mattress provider offering ‘uninterrupted sleep’ with ‘zero disturbance technology’ (like a night nanny that will deal with all those wake ups from the kids?), pulled their advertising from Jones’ show yesterday, and made it very clear why.

“We’re a significant buyer in the medium, and it’s something we should have done earlier. Climate Change is real, violence against women starts with words and the bloke has had too many chances. 2GB time to wake up,” it tweeted,

The tweet had more than 15,000 likes at the time of publishing this morning. Not bad given the brand’s 1,562 followers.

Koala Mattresses join Bing Lee and a long lineup of companies that have promised to pull their advertising, thanks to plenty of campaigning on social media, including the work of Sleeping Giants.

ME Bank was the first to leave on Friday, saying the, “comments don’t reflect our values”.

ME Bank

Other advertisers to have pulled their spend include Anytime Fitness Australia — again on account of the comments about Jacinda Ardern not representing their values”.

Bing Lee has also pulled advertising for the show, saying they will “look to understand 2GB’s plans for the network and the hosts that represent them” before booking any further advertising with the network.

Mercedez Benz is out, as is RSLArt Union, Bunnings Warehouse, Total Tools, Volkswagen Australia, Snooze, Amart, Lowes and Aveo Retirement Villages.

The mass desertion follows offensive comments Jones made about New Zealand Prime Minister Jacinda Ardern last week, declaring she was a ‘joke’ and that Australian PM Scott Morrison should be advised to “shove a sock down her throat.”

As of last night, Sleeping Giants Oz was reporting a number of companies remain on the Alan Jones Advertiser List, including Chemist Warehouse. (A number of these have also today pulled their spend, see updated list below).

Of course we’ve been here before. Companies continue to advertise with Alan Jones, despite, you’d want to believe, such comments never aligning with their ‘values’  — although some may be unaware they are doing so, with their media buying done externally.

Jones has repeatedly made misogynistic and offensive comments about powerful women, including Julia Gillard, Louise Herron and Clover Moore.

And his comments have been repeatedly called out on social media and elsewhere.

But this time, we’re told, it’s Jones’ final warning. Macquarie Media chairman Russell Tate said that the shockjock’s contract will be terminated if he repeats comments similar to those he made about Ardern.

Jones recently re-signed with Macquarie Media, in a two year, multi-million dollar deal. At the time, Tate called Jones one of Australian media’s “most outstanding performers’ and that that the network is delighted to be continuing the ride with him.

The “outstanding performer” could soon be bigger problem for Nine , given it’s in the process or acquiring full control of Macquarie Media, including 2GB. It’s paying $113.9 million for final 45.5% stake in Macquarie that it doesn’t yet own. According to Ad News, Jones is a direct beneficiary: given he has a 1 per cent holding in Macquarie Media.

*The updated list is below, according to Mad Fucking Witches.

RSL Art Unions
ME Bank
A Mart
Bing Lee
Big W
Mercedes Benz
Volkswagen Australia
Koala Mattresses
Anytime Fitness
Total Tools
Lowe’s Australia
Palmers Glass
Yourtown Home Prizes
Chemist Warehouse


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