Women’s Agenda to launch new Women’s Health News hub

Women’s Agenda to launch new Women’s Health News hub


Daily news publication Women’s Agenda is launching a dedicated Women’s Health News hub, providing vital news and information to support women of all ages in living their best lives.

The new Women’s Health News section and weekly newsletter is supported by Charles Sturt University, and published by Women’s Agenda parent company, Agenda Media. It comes at a time when women are seeking the latest news and information on key women’s health matters that are often overlooked by traditional publishing outlets.  

It also comes as 39 per cent of women report that they’ve put off seeing a doctor or specialist during the pandemic.*  And as almost half of women report their physical and mental health is worse or significantly worse than prior to COVID-19.*

Newly appointed Women’s Agenda Editor in Chief Tarla Lambert says the News hub will provide a vital space for creating more inclusive conversations around women’s health. “Our goal is to open conversations about women’s health in a supportive and meaningful way. So many of these issues go ignored in mainstream media and policy, and so there’s a real need to push the agenda and to elevate a wide range of female experts.”

Agenda Media Co founder Angela Priestley says that their extensive audience research has found women are craving health information that extends well beyond social media influencers. 

“Our audience told us they want information from medical experts. They want to see women’s health matters that have traditionally been underserved elsewhere getting more attention. And they want any information shared on exercise and nutrition to be research-backed, relevant and obtainable for busy women of all ages.”

The hub will see journalists and contributors report on key women’s health concerns around conditions like endometriosis, sleep, heavy periods, prolapse, women’s cancers, anxiety and more. It will also cover reproductive rights and information, family planning, fertility, pregnancy and pre and post natal care.

On exercise and nutrition, the News hub will share the latest medically backed advice aimed at creating healthier minds and bodies, rather than chiselled abs and thigh gaps. It will rely on trained practitioners for expertise over celebrities, and be inclusive in its approach to exploring fitness information and exercise ideas for women of all ages.

Importantly, the Hub will acknowledge the competing demands that women face day to day on their time, whether that’s around paid or unpaid work, caring responsibilities, study or other priorities. This is especially essential in taking a modern look at women’s mental health, including on anxiety, sleep, burnout, managing stress, depression and more.

Supported by Charles Sturt University

The Women’s Health News hub’s launch and weekly newsletter is made possible thanks to the excellent support of Charles Sturt University.  

Fiona Nash, Strategic Adviser – Regional Engagement and Government Relations at Charles Sturt University, says the University’s partnership will help get more women heard on health, particularly reaching into regional and rural Australia.

“When we create platforms for important conversations, we are creating platforms that enable society to grow and prosper – and that’s why Charles Sturt University is thrilled to be the launch partner of the Women’s Health Hub.”

Fiona says the university is committed to improving women’s health options, with their research and teaching covering the physical, mental and spiritual health of women.

“We want women to have the best access they can to quality health services across regional and rural Australia. This partnership with Women’s Agenda is an important step forward in raising collective voices on women’s health issues.

“As a major provider of healthcare professionals across the country, we give students the opportunity to build the skills they need for professional practice, as well as serve our communities with high quality health clinics that contribute to raising health management and outcomes across regional Australia.”

Faculty of Science Executive Dean Professor Megan Smith says providing more health news and information to women has never been more important.

“We are very pleased to partner with Women’s Agenda to ensure women across Australia get the information they need to live well and create a world worth living in.

“It’s never been more important, as we face unique challenges that can impact upon our physical and mental wellbeing. 

“As a leader in regional and rural healthcare education, we have seen, for instance, the health effects – mental and physical – of the drought followed by the bushfires, and of course, the global pandemic. So, we are committed to ensuring women have the support and services they need to be resilient and thrive.”

“Our health graduates – more than 28,000 of them – are making a difference in health services across the country, and we are proud to extend that knowledge sharing through this partnership.”

*These survey figures are taken from a just completed survey of more than 1100 women on how their health (including sleep) has been impacted by the pandemic, with the full report to be released in late October.

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