Your say: How has COVID changed your career plans? Take the survey

Your say: How has COVID changed your career plans? Take the short survey


Can you help? We’re looking to find out how COVID’s changed your career plans and what’s next for you.

Take the quick survey here or do below.

Has 2020 turned everything upside down? Has there possibly been a silver lining through all the mess? Are you rethinking what you want from life, work and everything in between?

We’re looking to know how you’re rethinking flexible work, upskilling, balance, career goals and more.

We’re also aiming to find out whose leadership — in business, politics, healthcare or elsewhere — has really inspired you along the way.

If you can spare four minutes to share your view, we’ll be collating the results together for a report on the findings.

This report will be used to help inform some of our upcoming stories and features, and also to take to employers and policymakers regarding how this period is impacting women’s careers — and what those employing and aiming to support women need to know in order to help.

This research is made possible thanks to the excellent support of Monarch Institute. 

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