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How to articulate that ‘parenting gap’ on your resume

If you’ve spent time on the frontlines of parenting, you’ll know that it is the toughest, most all-consuming job there is. However, in terms of work-speak, those ‘stay-at-home mum’ years can leave a gaping hole in your CV.

Pulling together a resume after a substantial break from the work force leaves you with the dilemma of what to write to fill in those blanks. 

You know what a tough gig parenthood is, there’s a good chance your potential employer knows too, but simply stating that you’ve been at home with the kids is one of the worst things you can say when trying to appear professional.

You have transferrable skills that employers want

Think about it, you’re probably already a master of the ‘hard sell’ and negotiation.

“We’re not brushing out teeth, we’re having a mouth party!”

“Oh no, they’re not peas, they’re alien power pellets.”

“I’m not a stay-at-home-mum, I’m the managing director of household management.”

See? You don’t need to apologise for the time you have taken out to raise your family, you just need to tweak the descriptions of your day to day life from mum-speak to job-speak and list them under your ‘skills’ category.

Clocked up some dedicated hours on Facebook and Instagram? Translate: Sound, working knowledge of social media and communication.

Thrown an epic birthday party, or maybe assisted on the school fete committee? Translate: Marketing skills. Event management experience.

Volunteered at the school canteen? Translate: Ability to work in a team environment. Cash handling. Customer service. Food preparation.

Wondered about vaccination? Childcare? Chosen a pram? Translate: Finely tuned research & decision making skills.

The work you’ve been doing might have been unpaid, but it has not been in vain as far as employment potential. Be proud and use it to your advantage. At the very least you’ll be showing future employers your sales game.

Want to brush up on some old work skills? It’s simple …

As well as the skills you acquired in the parenting field, you probably have some knowledge in the coffers from your pre-kids, working life.

If you are worried that those skills are a bit outdated, or perhaps don’t suit the new path you are heading down – don’t be. It’s never been easier to get back up to speed, you don’t even need to leave the house!

Studying online is a flexible and affordable option. In addition to the learning resources available, you’ll be working with expert trainers who have a finger on the pulse of current trends.

The combination of selling the employer-friendly skills that parenthood gave you, and equipping yourself with some up-to-date training will set you in good stead for the job hunt ahead.

See how employable you are?

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