Frank who? It's all about Claire Underwood in House of Cards

Frank who? It’s all about Claire Underwood in House of Cards

Fans of popular US drama, House of Cards will be relieved to learn that the program will return to Netflix for a sixth and final series next year– sans Frank Underwood, played by Kevin Spacey.

The decision was confirmed by Netflix boss, Ted Sarandos today who said the network was  “excited to bring closure to fans.” A final season of the show will now focus on the character of Claire Underwood (Frank’s wife) played by Robin Wright– a welcome call for many viewers.

Netflix must be praised for its decision to fire Spacey without hesitation after the Hollywood veteran was caught up in a post-Weinstein storm of sexual assault allegations.

A number of men (over 30 to be exact) accused the star of long-term sexual misconduct ranging in severity from harassment to attempted rape. The first allegation came from Anthony Rapp, a veteran broadway actor who accused Spacey of attempting to rape him in a hotel room when he was just 14 years old.

Spacey was widely criticised for releasing a statement which conflated his misconduct with his decision to now live freely “as a gay man”.

Producers, directors and network execs have been swift to distance themselves from the actor as more and more allegations surface. Spacey, disgraced, has been lying low at a sexual rehabilitation facility in Arizona.

His career irretrievable, and rightly so.

But as for House of Cards, well, the show is far from doomed.

Claire Underwood’s been waiting in the wings, and she’s primed to prove who’s boss. 

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