Will Smith assaulted Chris Rock live at The Oscars. What happens now?

Will Smith just assaulted Chris Rock live at The Oscars. So what happens now?

Will Smith

People the world over are in a state of shock after watching what looked remarkably like live assault on TV, with Oscars’ ‘Best Actor’ winner, Will Smith slapping comedian Chris Rock on stage.

Rock, who was presenting ‘Best Documentary’, had just finished a set of jokes in which he targeted Smith’s wife, Jada, suggesting she resembled GI Jane.

Appearing to laugh initially, Smith then stormed up to the stage before slapping a shocked Rock, who managed to stay upright following the assault.

Back in his seat, Smith continued hurling expletive-laden threats, telling Rock, “Keep my f**king wife’s name out of your mouth”.

The audience around looked shell-shocked at what appeared like a completely unhinged response from Smith, with memes across social media firing up within seconds.

It’s unclear whether Smith will be escorted off premises, with several commentators speculating that he may even be arrested for the attack.

Jada Smith has previously been open about her battle with Alopecia which has seen her lose most of her hair.

Winning the best actor award only moments later, a crying Smith told the audience that the role of Richard Williams led to his fierce resolve to be a “protector” and to protect the people and causes he loves in the world.

“Love will make you do crazy things”, Smith appeared to justify his prior actions.

He also reflected on the advice Hollywood icon Denzel Washington had shared with him following the assault: “At your highest moment, be careful. That’s when the devil comes for you.”

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