Julia Banks joins the pod and will women change the vote?

Julia Banks joins the pod, and will women change the vote?

The Women's Agenda Podcast

This week, former Liberal MP Julia Banks shares an interview highlighting her time in politics and what she says needs to change in order to transform the political environment for women.

We also share some much-needed highs for women: in sport and across the business world — including KPMG’s big announcement overhauling everything we know about paid parental leave and public holiday leave.

And we look at new polling that shows female voters are leaving the Morrison Government — wonder why that would be? — sparking some massive gender gaps in how men and women intend on voting.

To finish, we share some lockdown screen recommendations — you won’t want to miss these. Or maybe you do…

Our interview with Julia Banks begins around 10 minutes in.

All stories discussed can be found in some form on the Women’s Agenda website.

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