The employers making life harder + Linda Burney interview

The employers making life harder + Linda Burney interview

The Women's Agenda Podcast

This week! Georgie Dent joins the discussion to outline some key stories she’s following, while Labor MP Linda Burney shares an interview with Women’s Agenda Editor in Chief, Tarla Lambert.

We also share some key wins for women, including what we love about Ash Barty, as well as the game-changing moments that come when high-profile women courageously speak out about the toxic work cultures they have encountered.

And we look at the large Sydney employer who told staff, during a COVID-19 related lockdown, that they can’t “work from home” while also taking primary caring responsibilities for kids aged seven and under.

From MP Linda Burney (interview starts around 19 minutes in), we hear her take on this year’s NAIDOC theme, Heal Country. She talks about what needs to be done, including on truth-telling, on climate change, on COVID-19, and on harnessing the expertise and wisdom of Aboriginal women.

You can find all the stories discussed during this episode on Women’s Agenda