Corporate wellbeing's new merger set to shift workplace health standards

Corporate wellbeing’s new merger aims to shift workplace health standards

Georgie Drury’s health tech firm Springday is merging with mPort, a provider of 3D body mapping.

The merger comes after Dipra Ray approached Drury, proposing the transaction between their two companies, both of which concern the use of technology to improve our health.

Founded in 2011, mPort maps 3D images of the human body and provides users with relevant health indexes such as body shape, measurements, body fat, and density. The information can then be used to create personalised health and fitness programs.

Drury’s Springday has been previously described as having ambitions to become the “Netflix of wellbeing”. It provides corporate-branded platforms to major companies offering staff access to a range of health programs, and now operates in 13 countries.

Georgie Drury.

Having run Spingday for 11 years now, Georgie Drury says this merger comes as demand is growing.

She tells Women’s Agenda that, “80% of us are walking around with chronic disease indicators.”

“People are increasingly wanting to understand how they can improve their wellbeing.”

The Springday program (that’s also available as an app) is used by employers to offer staff the ability to chart their health data, goals, and provide gamified programs, products, challenges, events and expert learning modules. 

Drury says mPort’s data will enable the users to create an avatar and access more data.

“Then they use Springday’s technology to create activities and set challenges for themselves. They get a scan of their bodies at the beginning of their challenge, and then one at the end to measure their results.”

“Data like BMI, body fat, weight measurement are calculated, and then we can take that data and calculate the health risk profile of a company. Businesses want happy, healthy and productive employees and this is one program that does that.”

mPort’s Dipra Ray told The Australian, “Allowing companies to access this kind of data will make it easier for them to track the success of their corporate wellbeing programs, and get expert advice from Springday on what else they could do to optimise them.”

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