Labor MP Tim Hammond resigns 'I can't be an MP & the dad I want to be'

Labor MP Tim Hammond resigns: ‘I cannot be an MP & the dad I want to be’

Labor MP, the federal member for Perth, Tim Hammond, has announced he will resign from parliament effective immediately.

Speaking on radio on Wednesday morning Hammond said combining politics with his family was not possible.

“I just have to be really honest and say I cannot make it work,” he said. “I have three little kids who really need their dad and I really need them.”

The commute between Perth and Canberra was proving difficult, necessitated a relationship with his children via a screen and was putting too much pressure on everyone.

“It just wasn’t working in relation to how present I needed to be at home as a dad to 3 wonderful little children,” he  said.  “The most important thing for me is my children and my wife and the love I have for them…..I have the power to make a choice here.”

Hammond and his wife have a 6 year old, a 2 year old and a six-month old baby.

He confirmed the Labor Party had offered him support, and the option of going to the backbench until the next election, but said “I know what I need to do to be the dad I need to be.”

They are not words we have heard very many men say. And while Hammond might just be the kind of politician we need, the fact his resignation has been met with bi-partisan support is worth noting, it is heartening for a man to not just speak about the pressure of combining a career with a family but act on it.

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