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Large employers still extending parental leave incentives despite government plans

Primary carers employed by PepsiCo ANZ can now access 16 weeks of paid parental leave, after the food and beverages provider extended its offering by four weeks.

The 16 weeks leave gives it a competitive advantage over other employers, with the average on offer being just 9.7 weeks according to the Workplace Gender Equality Agency

It also comes as the Turnbull Government plans to extend the government paid parental leave scheme by two weeks, but cut all or some of such payments to those who’re also receiving paid leave from their employers.

PepsiCo’s senior director of HR Shiona Watson said politics had nothing to do with its latest decision. “We made the decision to review and enhance our parental leave offering because we are committed to working families,” she told Women’s Agenda. “As an employer of choice for women, we strongly believe there is an obvious, positive business case to provide this support.”

PepsiCo has also extended its paid leave for secondary careers from one to two weeks, while those who are already on leave can also access the extended weeks now available.

As the only employer to receive the WGEA Employer of Choice citation in the food and beverages sector, PepsiCo ANZ CEO Robbert Rietbroek (pictured) said they also actively aim to promote flexibility and facilitate more work life balance for staff.

He said the employer is committed to gender equality in the boardroom and across its leadership teams. “One of the ways to do this is ensuring that women and men are supported and come back to work after they become parents.”

PepsiCo is doing comparatively well when it comes to women in leadership, with Shiona Watson confirming that approximately 70% of its sales leadership team are female, along with 60% of its R&D team, and 40% of senior roles across its ANZ offices filled by women.

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