The STEM Wrap is coming, our weekly newsletter for women in STEM

The STEM Wrap is coming, our newsletter for women in STEM

The STEM Wrap, our free newsletter for women in STEM, is launching very soon. Complete our two minute reader survey here, to help us bring you the best possible content and to become a foundation subscriber. 

It’s happening! After significantly increasing our coverage of women in STEM over the past year, we’re gearing up to launch The STEM Wrap, our newsletter dedicated to women in STEM by the team here at Women’s Agenda.

It’ll share the latest news and views affecting women in STEM, profiles and Q&As, as well as curated career opportunities we believe will be of interest.

We certainly won’t be short of content — as we’ve found in recent months, there is no shortage of news for women in STEM, despite the fact women in STEM are not always getting heard enough across mainstream media outlets.

We’re thrilled to already be partnering with Science and Technology Australia and Women in STEM on the launch of this newsletter, with more partnerships being sought in the coming months, including from employers and associations (if you’re keen to learn about partnerships, we’d love to hear from you).

So work in STEM? Aspire to work in the field, or just want to show your support?

Then fill out this two minute reader survey that will help drive some of our initial content.

You can do so anonymously and/or use this link to also sign up to be one of our foundation subscribers.

In the meantime, check out this panel we recently ran on how to have a great career in STEM.

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