Basic life reminders to help you survive the busiest (most stressful) weeks

Basic life reminders to help you survive the busiest (most stressful) weeks

We all know those weeks: Your list of tasks runs a kilometre long, you’re stressed out of your mind, malnourished, and frankly surprised you’ve managed to refrain from crying in the office (at least without anyone seeing you) to this point.

Now exhale.

This handy little guide of basic life reminders will help you to stop, breathe and start thinking clearly again. After all, you’re no good to anyone with an empty stomach, unwashed hair and sleep deprivation.

Eat  (try to do this regularly and incorporate at least some green stuff)

The term “hangry” is no joke. If you keep skipping breakfast and lunch in a bid to make deadline, you’ll only wind up shaky, emotional and, let’s face it, a little neurotic. A state of mind that’s not at all conducive to good decision making. Below is a list of quick and nutritious city lunch options. (Because we’re assuming that with the chaotic schedule, meal-planning’s been sidelined this week.)

Prioritise tasks accordingly.

If you haven’t already, hook up GSuite or another integrated platform or app that has a quality to-do list function. If you haven’t worked out what your priorities are for the week and how you’re planning on tackling everything, you’ll feel overwhelmed and hopeless. Get on top of what’s critical and sideline other tasks you can afford to take your time with.


Staying put in that office chair, might seem like the right thing to do given your workload, but not getting out (even for 15 minutes) will hinder productivity. More than that, new research suggests that in the long run, a sedentary lifestyle is worse for your health than smoking, diabetes and hypertension.

Go for a walk, stretch it out at the park, play some frisbee or head to the gym.

If you’re worried about cutting into crucial work hours, try an early morning class. Zen Sessions at Pullman Grand Quay has just started and will have you feeling invigorated for the rest of the day.

Take a bath

The bath is the most underrated household facility. Buy yourself some good essential oils, a couple of bath bombs and a trashy magazine. Plonk yourself in, and give yourself a good soak for at least 20 minutes. You’ll be a new woman afterwards, cleansed of the shitty day you’ve just endured.


We know you’re tempted to watch “just one more” episode of anything on Netflix at midnight, after you’ve spent the rest of the evening on your laptop, but don’t do it! Making a Murderer will still be there tomorrow and working late into the night is only going to make you dream about work, (which is possibly the worst fate ever).

Block blue light–from phones, laptops and TVs– after 8pm and practice good sleep hygiene. This can be as simple as adjusting the temperature in your bedroom, sipping some herbal tea and reading something easy and soothing before you turn in. Getting 7-9 hours kip a night is ideal and will help you stay focused at work the next day.

Accept you’re not superhuman

You’re trying to please everyone, but in the midst of that you’re forgetting to look after yourself properly. Work is important, but chances are the fact you’re anxiety-ridden about your job is because you genuinely care about your performance and output. Acknowledge that you’re doing the best you can, but you’re not superhuman.

A little self-appreciation will go a long way, and frankly you deserve it.


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