Sayonara tampon tax, we're not sorry to see you go!

Sayonara tampon tax, we’re not sorry to see you go!

tampon tax
The tampon tax is on the verge of being abolished for good, after all state and territory treasurers voted unanimously this morning.

If all goes accordingly, the 10 percent GST from tampons and sanitary products will cease starting from January 1st next year.

Scott Morrison first announced the plan in August, while he was still treasurer, however the federal government was unable to legislate without the support of all states and territories.

On average, a woman has her period from three to seven days a month, and menstruates from age 13 until age 51. Therefore, the average woman will go through 456 periods over a 38 year time frame. 

But the cost of this, stretches far beyond moodiness, headaches and stomach cramps. Typically, women will spend upwards of $18,000 over the course of her life time on sanitary products, affiliated medications and relief treatments.

Being taxed on top of this, is a bitter pill to swallow.

Women across Australia, welcomed the news this morning:



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