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Women’s Weekender: For everything you need on your read, listen & binge list

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Another week, another range of books, stories and shows to indulge in!

This week, shake off your zoom-fatigue blues with a sensational collection of stories, edited by the brilliant Ellen Van Nerveen, get in touch with your skin-care routine with Sinead Stubbins’ hilarious non-fiction, ‘In My Defence, I Have No Defence’, and take a fresh look at the Lewinsky/Clinton saga in the latest season of American Crime Story.

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Read: Flock: First Nations Stories Then and Now — Ellen Van Nerveen

Imagine a single book that contains the words of Tony Birch, Melissa Lucashenko and Tara June Winch. In this compelling and captivating collection of stories, edited and selected by the immensely talented Ellen Van Nerveen, Flock: First Nations Stories Then and Now will take you through an incredibly rich rollercoaster of emotions — you will laugh out loud, flinch with shame, shrink with sorrow and enrage at the content of each story.

This is mandatory storytelling at its best, as writers examine racism, death, abuse, the stolen generations and the impact of colonialism on First Nations people. 

Read it here, on Scribd.

Listen: In My Defence, I Have No Defence: Stories about trying to be better — Sinead Stubbins 

During lockdown, we’re all dealing with the discomfort of uncertainty. Sometimes, we lack the ability to say what it is we really need at this time -laughter. 

If you want a story that will be relatable and make you cackle in the way that makes your belly loosen up, look no further than this audiobook, by Melbourne-based writer Sinead Stubbins.

In this hilarious debut, Stubbins takes us into her world of Instagram anxiety, overpriced kombucha, a 70-step Korean skincare regime, and her first European trip.

Now, more than ever, we need something that will make us feel connected to others — and laughing along, and relating, can be an extremely therapeutic method for our weekends.

Listen to it here, on Scribd. 

Watch: Impeachment: American Crime Story (Binge, Foxtel)  

It’s time to reacquaint yourself with one of the most famous periods in US presidential history from the perspective of the women whose lives were totally obliterated by the nefarious actions of the White House. 

Booksmart’s star actor Beanie Feldstein plays Monica Lewinsky, navigating the fallout from that time in history when then-president Bill Clinton was impeached for lying under oath to a federal grand jury and obstructing justice. 

With an outstanding cast of Hollywood powerhouses — including Sarah Paulson, who plays an incredibly convincing rendition of Linda Tripp, and Clive Owen as Bill Clinton, this series is sure to be an incredibly entertaining, as well as eye-opening season of insight. 

Watch it on Binge, Foxtel.


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