Women’s Weekender: Netflix's latest Christmas rom-com will make you cry

Women’s Weekender: Netflix’s latest Christmas rom-com will make you cry

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Tis’ the season for sappy Netflix romcoms that are mostly terrible, but occasionally surprise you. One of this year’s contender’s ‘Love Hard’ falls into the second category for all the right reasons.

Also on this week’s hit list: a blockbuster of a novel that combines climate change issues with family drama as well as Jess Hill’s explosive non-fiction on domestic violence. Thanks to our partner, Scribd for supporting this feature. 

Listen: L.A. Weather by Maria Amparo Escandon 

Think of L.A and you think of sunny beach weather all the time, right? Not always. How about winds, drought-parched hills, and raging wildfires?

In this explosive and hilariously confronting novel, follow the tale of a wealthy Mexican American family as they are forced to deal with fallout from climate change. Somehow, Maria Amparo Escandon has written a story that addresses global concerns of climate change alongside a hilarious family drama. 

You know this will be a sensational read when it’s Reese’s Bookclub September 21 pick. 

Listen to it here, on Scribd. 

Read: See What You Made Me Do: Power, Control and Domestic Abuse by Jess Hill

See What You Made Me Do

You might’ve caught the three-part SBS documentary series earlier this year – now, make sure you read the book. When it was published in 2019, Jess Hill’s extraordinary book changed the landscape of how we talked about the issue of domestic violence in this country. 

This mandatory read investigates the abuse so many women and children experience – a crime too frequently reinforced by the justice system that promises to protect them.

Listen to Jess Hill read it here, on Scribd.

Watch: Love Hard on Netflix 

Is Die Hard a Christmas movie or not? Well, it is, according to Natalie Bauer (played by the stunning Nina Dobrev) — our heroine in Netflix’s latest cheesy but remarkably joyful rom-com, Love Hard. 

Catfishing is NOT OKAY. Period. But something special happens in this beautifully-written tear-jerker. Yes. This adult female did cry – SEVERAL TIMES – throughout this feel-good, poignant Christmas love story.

Who DOESN’T love a Christmas comedy with a feminist lead, swiping (the new term for dating), a genuinely gorgeous and kind-hearted male lead, and explicit references to the best movies ever made? (Die Hard…Love Actually…)

Watch it this weekend and get your Christmas trees up!

Now showing on Netflix. 

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