So.... the ‘women’s network’ logo has been taken down

48 hours later… the ‘women’s network’ logo has been taken down


Less than 48 hours after the Department of Prime Minister and Cabinet revealed its new “Women’s Network” logo, the controversial design has been taken down. 

Yesterday, we wrote about the quick uproar which occurred on social media due to the logo’s phallic appearance, with many Twitter users believing it was a joke. 

The National Older Women’s Network even went so far as to call the logo “thoughtless or an insult.”

The new Women’s Network, according to its site, ”promotes gender equality and supports members to succeed in their personal professional lives” — though Cheryl Gray, the CEO of Women’s Network Australia (no affiliation with the Women’s Network) said the choice of logo was “unfortunate” and ought to be removed.

“So the milkshake ad and cock and balls Women’s Network logo both pulled after public ridicule/backlash,” one Twitter user wrote, referring to the the government’s ‘Educational Consent Video’ released in April last year, which received a lot of criticism.

“Your tax dollars well spent. Another captain’s pick.” 

Dunghutti woman and anti-violence educator Ashlee Donohue wrote, “Statement on the Departments Women’s Network Logo … removing themselves of any blame, knowledge or responsibility for making a complete ‘dickhead’ of themselves. Australia’s Government where it’s hard to expect them taking responsibility of anything.”

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