#EveryWoman: A hashtag for the sisterhood

#EveryWoman: Another awesome hashtag for the sisterhood

The internet is not always a particularly warm, welcoming space for women. You barely have to glance online to see a woman – if not womankind – being denigrated. Australian research last year found that nearly half of all women report experiencing abuse or harassment online, and among those aged under 30 the incidence was 76%.

Notwithstanding these perils, the internet is also facilitating unprecedented support and solidarity with and among women.

At the beginning of the year, Dr Kirstin Ferguson, decided to counter the denigration and harassment of women online, with a hashtag #CelebratingWomen. The aim was to post two mini profiles a day on social media of the extraordinary things that ordinary women everywhere are doing.

“We can all help share their stories because once you look there are simply endless examples of women doing great things. It feels a little like the #AllMalePanel hashtag – once you look you cannot unsee what is right in front of you and all around us. Every woman we know is doing something extraordinary,” Dr Ferguson wrote. 


“But importantly, while trying to counter the unacceptable harassment of women online was the starting point, the benefit is that through sharing women’s stories we are also inspiring others. That is because every woman is a role model to someone else, whether they realise it or not.”


Within a week the momentum around #CelebratingWomen was undeniable. A month and a half on, it’s quite extraordinary. If you are looking for a jolt of inspiration about the variety of brilliant and diverse lives women are leading, have a flick through the posts.


And now, thanks to an author and politician from the UK, Jess Phillips, there is another joy-filled, solidarity-inducing hashtag on the block.


To coincide with the release of her book by the same name is #EveryWoman.

The premise is simply to name and fame the women who inspire, drive and empower you. For every hashtag that is used Jess Phillips is giving a book to a Women’s Aid refuge.


Chances are you have seen the #CelebratingWomen and #EveryWoman hashtags popping up in your social media feeds. If you haven’t follow along, and give a shout out to the sisters who need celebrating.

No hashtag can save the world, but they can certainly make the online world a more fulfilling and satisfying place to visit.

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