More women allege they received lewd images from AFL player Jonathon Patton on social media

More women allege they received lewd images from AFL player Jonathon Patton on social media


Two additional women have alleged they received unsolicited, lewd pictures from AFL player Jonathon Patton on social media.

The separate allegations from the women come after it was reported on Saturday that the Hawks player was under internal investigation by his club, after another woman complained about allegedly receiving unwanted, sexually explicit pictures from Patton on social media.

Speaking to Nine News on Sunday, Elle Coonan said Patton continued to send her images after she had made it clear she didn’t want to receive them.

“Basically from the get-go he was talking to me in such a sexual nature that I never reciprocated. He would send me photos of him in bed exposed,” Elle Coonan told Nine News.

“I would make it really clear that I didn’t want that from him.”

In a statement, Hawthorn Football Club said Patton is under internal investigation and that the allegations are of behaviour that does not reflect the values of the club.

“As soon as the club became aware of the allegations it addressed the matter with Patton directly and clearly communicated that any behaviour of this nature would not be tolerated,” the statement said.

“Hawthorn advocates for equality and respect for everyone and demands this same behaviour from all involved with the club.”

Patton has since deleted all of his social media accounts.

Jacqueline Kearton, another one of the women who decided to come forward with allegations, told Channel 7 that receiving unwanted images made her uncomfortable.

“He just needs to be made an example of so these young guys who are coming up and looking at these older players think they’d better not do that sort of stuff,” Kearton said.

“Unfortunately it’s not something that’s uncommon but it makes you feel uncomfortable.”

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