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Kate Ashmor on tweeting, working and refusing to give up

You may have seen the article we published a few days ago about our partnership with TwitterAU and the soapbox event we hosted with them.

12 women spoke for 140 seconds on their position of strength.

We’ve already shared our editor, Jane Gilmore’s speech on secrets and shame

And Susan Mclean here on achieving in a men’s space

Today we’re bringing you Kate Ashmor, principal of her own law firm, Ashmor Legal, and regular contributor to Women’s Agenda.

#noboringlawyers here.

Women are starting businesses at double the rate of men, over a million Australian women are self-employed, and one third of small business entrepreneurs are women.

Thanks to modern technology, this is the best time in history for women to be leaving the corporate world. To be able to work from home and all sorts of different places.

Is your current job the best that you can do? Are your current hours working for you?

Are you stuck in your office?

How many years of your life are you wasting?

These are the questions I started asking myself about two years ago and it took a few months to answer them. But answer them I did and then walked away from a secure, successful, government legal job, to start my own law firm.

So what are you passionate about? Ask yourself that question. Why not turn that into a career. Make money from it. It’s possible. You don’t have to rush. You don’t have to do it tomorrow. Make the plan. Get professional advice, to your research, consult widely and make the right decision for you and your family.

Twitter has been an enormous help to me, and it can be a help for you.

It’s a great way to meet new people, to network, and to talk about your business.

Get tweeting.

That’s what I did. I’ve obtained work directly from Twitter. Once I was watching an episode of shark tank and I was live tweeting it (of course). Someone said something about trademarks. And I tweeted trademarks only cost $120 per class, you just need a nice lawyer like me to help you out.

Someone from QLD sent me a DM about it and they ended up becoming a client.

Go for it. Back yourself. If you fail, give it another shot and use it as a learning opportunity.

But think to yourself, I won’t fail. I will succeed, when the phone doesn’t ring and the inbox is empty, use the time to plan, to learn, to network. #goforit

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