Women’s Weekender: Everything you need on your read, listen & binge list

Women’s Weekender: For everything you need on your read, listen & binge list

We’ve made it through another week! Time to celebrate by doing a fat lot of not much at all! And what better way to do that than with this week’s best ebooks, audiobooks and podcasts. We’re bringing you the best content thanks to our friends at Scribd

On the hit list for this week? We take a look at Julia Baird’s ABIA winning book, Phosphorescence, dive into a brand new explosive Australian voice, Ella Baxter in her debut novel New Animal, and learn about how MRIs work in the globally celebrated podcast, Stuff You Should Know.

Read: Phosphorescence – Julia Baird

At this year’s Australian Book Industry Award Awards back in May, journalist and media commentator Julia Baird accepted two awards for her book, Phosphorescence: Non-Fiction Book of the Year and Book of the Year. 

Her speech was heartfelt and warm. She spoke about the inspiration behind writing the book.

“We write to be able to put our arms around another person,” she said. “Writing this book has shown me there are so many people with a hankering to find all the things that unite us. There’s so much more that brings us together than divides us.”

Phosphorescence is a tender blend of science and memoir, a collection of stories about finding ways to shine and stay happy in the face of hardship and disappointment. It is a stunning book of hope, love and kindness. 

Perfect for our lockdown times. 

Read it here, on Scribd.

New Animal – Ella Baxter 

This incredible Australian debut has so far generated phenomenal buzz across the country, with many positive reviews, and adaptation rights being negotiated.

This is a visceral exploration of sex, grief, rage, pain and sadness. Our heroine, Amelia, is constantly trying to find communion and love through sleeping with men, but crumbles when she finds herself lost in a sea of confusion. Here is a story that will send you unexpectedly cacking loudly at the hilarious incidents which occur as Amelia tries to move on from unbearable grief.

Listen to it as an audiobook, here on Scribd.

Listen to: Stuff You Should Know Podcast

Consistently ranked in the Top 10 podcasts, Stuff You Should Know is an award-winning podcast, giving everyone a working knowledge on a wide range of topics.

Top episodes you should listen to this week include How Pet Pscyhics Work, How Fireflies and Lightening Work, and How MRI Works – this last one is fascinating. I’ve had plenty of MRIs in my life, but have never, until now, realised how they worked! 

Listen here, on Scribd. 

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